Features and benefits Natural Scene Designer 5 Natural Scene Designer Pro 6 Natural Scene Designer Premium 7 Natural Scene Designer Pro 7
Views terrain from any perspective or point of view
Creates animations and 360 degree panoramas
Imports and exports DEMS (Digital Elevation Models)
Multiple CPU ray tracing
Creates shaded relief maps
Creates rocks, trees, and bushes which can be exported
Seamlessly combines multiple terrain models
Includes built-in terrain editor
Positions sun according to date and time
Imports and renders 3D objects
Loads terrain models by selecting them on a map
Reprojects terrain models
Reprojects images
Decollars maps
Georeferences terrain models
Georeferences images
Supports US State Planes
Supports 230 map datums
Spherical Earth rendering
Distance, height, and sky mask rendering
Transparent sky option
Transparent overlay support
Transparent TIFF loading, rendering, and saving
Adjustable Camera Window aspect ratio
Floating point elevation storage option
Overlay manager window
Bump mapping
Includes 32 bit OS support Windows only Windows only
Includes 64 bit OS support
Shapefile support
Planimetric oblique relief rendering
Copies GeoTIFF tags from one image to another
Tabbed settings panel
Importable background tree maps
Improved terrain clipping
Adjustable water reflectivity
Adjustable brightness and contrast
Creates contour maps from DEMs
Creates viewshed maps
Improved shapefile support
Multiple lights
Exports vector artwork
Texture shading
IMG DEM Import
Ray Trace Preview